This site is funded and maintained entirely on a voluntary basis and contains over 12,000 photographs in a list of 2084 species of Lepidoptera taken by enthusiasts studying their life histories. The aim is to illustrate the beauty and variety amongst the eggs, larvae, pupae and adult stages of Butterflies and Moths and to help with the identification of species found in the U.K. and Northern Europe. To view the pictures available so far click on one of the indexes below:-

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Trial Common names indexes in Taxonomic Order for use with Ipads and Iphones for Butterflies for Macro Moths

Lepidoptera Life Cycles - Includes examples of the eggs of butterflies and moths and a guide to help identify the most frequently seen caterpillars in the U.K. Also some examples of cocoons and pupae and the advantages of sexing pupae when breeding Lepidoptera in captivity.

Taking close-up photographs of pupae and some examples to help identification of pupae, indexed by Scientific names in Family Groups

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If you are interested in finding out more about studying and rearing butterflies and moths you may find it helpful to join:-
The Breeding U.K. Lepidoptera Forum

You can obtain help and advice from many experienced lepidopterists on this forum via the groups e-mail facilities. The files area of the forum can be used to post pictures of insects for help with identification and some pictures are available here to help with the identification of species with similar characteristics. Hints and tips for finding and breeding a range of species are provided as pdf files in the files area. To enhance the files area members are asked to record or photograph anything that will extend and improve the information available there.

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